Travel Accident Insurance – Peace of Mind Away From Home

One of the worst case scenarios for a traveler is dealing with a sudden accident or illness when you’re miles away from home.  Finding the appropriate doctor or hospital, dealing with medical bills in a foreign country, or making arrangements to return home in a medical emergency can all be incredibly challenging.  Many people aren’t aware that insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid programs, don’t usually provide coverage for emergencies outside of the United States.

To help fill this gap in coverage we’ve partnered with Chubb Insurance Company to provide a comprehensive solution for frequent travelers.  Introducing Passport 360 from Chubb.  Passport 360 is a Travel Accident policy which can provide valuable coverage and guidance to you and your loved ones  while traveling away from home.

Policy Benefits:

travel insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage
  • Medical Evacuation expenses
  • Excess medical expenses
  • Political evacuation expenses
  • Trip delay coverage
  • Baggage delay coverage
  • Trip cancellation coverage (optional)
  • Golf package (optional)
  • Event ticket protection (optional)

Passport 360 provides you with 24/7 access to world-leading medical and travel assistance services who can help you find the care that you need anywhere in the world.  You can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if something did happen – expert help is only a phone call away.  Chubb Insurance is a premier carrier when it comes to global travel coverage.  Long-respected for offering insurance products that are superior to those offered by other companies, Passport 360 and BTA 360 (for frequent business travelers) are designed to fill the gaps that aren’t picked up by most medical and travel insurance policies.

And best of all – the policy is written on an annual basis.  So no matter how many trips you take, there’s no need to activate it every time you travel.  The policy also offers several different options and levels of coverage – so you can tailor it to what best fits your individual needs.

Chubb Passport 360

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